Client Care

Information Technology Solutions

San Diego Pathology brings expertise in technology to clients by developing customized data integration solutions that meet their needs. We provide our clients with flexibility and convenience in ordering and receiving results. We have in-house information technology expertise and consequently can deliver highly customized solutions to our clients’ requests.

Online Results Viewer

The Online Results Viewer provides our clients a secure online environment to access and review diagnostic reports. Click here to sign up.

EMR Connectivity

We have the ability to customize an interface between our anatomic pathology system and the client’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to allow clients to create orders within and receive lab results directly into their EMR. This convenient service brings speed, accuracy and security in the exchange of medical data.

Electronic Data Transfer

We can also deliver diagnostic reports in Portable Document Format (PDF) or any other format the client may require using a variety of data transfer methods including Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), secure e-mail and Secure Shell (SSH).