San Diego Pathology is a CLIA certified and CAP accredited full-service pathology and cytology
laboratory offering high quality, timely, and accurate tissue diagnosis as well as
histology services including tissue processing, H&E, IHC and special stains.
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Trusted experts in Anatomic Pathology Diagnostics

San Diego Pathology is a pathologist owned and operated histology laboratory. We offer a wide spectrum of anatomic pathology services. The laboratory is actively supervised by practitioners certified in anatomic and clinical pathology by the American Board of Pathology. The group has members with additional board certifications in Dermatopathology, Hematopathology and Immunopathology. We are certified by the California State Department of Health Services and fully accredited by the College of American Pathologists.

Main Services

We are committed to exceptional healthcare by providing a wide spectrum of
high-quality and innovative anatomic pathology services.

We offer a wide spectrum of tissue pathology services including small biopsies, bone marrows, lymph nodes
and large resections.

We provide the highest quality histology services, including tissue processing,
slide preparation and histochemical

We provide processing and interpretation of non-gynecologic specimens (urine, sputum, body fluids, etc.) and fine needle aspirations biopsy.

We offer consulting and histology services for researchers in industry, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, universities and hospitals.

We provide expertise in Pathology consultation. Our pathologists accept traditional glass slides or digitally scanned slides for second opinion consultations.

Our laboratory facility is in San Diego, California. It is outfitted with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. The staff consists of highly trained, dedicated professionals that take pride in their work and are committed to quality, rapid turnaround times and exceptional customer service.

Every phase of operations, from human resources to technical procedures has been researched and designed to optimize working conditions, maximize efficiency and ensure continued stringent quality standards.

Our pathologists are certified in anatomic pathology by the American Board of Pathology. Many have board certifications in dermatopathology, hematopathology and immunopathology. For decades our pathologists have served as trusted consultants to physicians, in both the outpatient and hospital settings.

Carla Stayboldt, MD

Carla Stayboldt, MD

William Watts, MD

William Watts, MD

Douglas Ellison, MD

Douglas Ellison, MD

Allan Kremp, MD

Allan Kremp, MD

Sharon Zhang, MD

Sharon Zhang, MD

San Diego Pathology is determined in putting our clients and their patients’ needs above all. We achieve this by following a strict quality assurance policy as well as adhering to proven administrative and technical methodologies. We have a dedicated quality control and assurance team.

We maintain the integrity of our procedures and accuracy of our methods of analysis. Our procedures and analysis methods strictly adhere to state and federal regulations and the College of American Pathologists (CAP) requirements.

Our laboratory is accredited and certified by the following agencies.
College of American Pathologists

College of American Pathologists

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments

California Health Department

Department of Health

Maryland Health Department

Department of Health

New York Health Department

New York
Department of Health

Pennsylvania Health Department

Department of Health

San Diego Pathology provides clients with flexibility and convenience in ordering and receiving results. We have in-house Information Technology expertise and can provide highly customized solutions to our clients.

We can also work with clients to build a connection or interface between our information system and their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to allow them to initiate orders and receive lab results directly into their EMR. This brings convenience, speed, accuracy and security in the exchange of patient health information.

We offer flexible laboratory result reporting solutions. A client may choose from a variety of lab result delivery options that best suits the practice’s needs.

EMR Connectivity

Online viewer

Secure File Transfer

Secure e-mail

Shared records service

Automated fax

Remote printing

Hard copy by courier

Customized solution

The patient is our main focus. We are committed to improving the lives of patients by providing high quality, innovative services and supporting our clients  and their staff.

Our Mission Statement
  • To provide excellent anatomic and clinical pathology professional services to the patients, physicians, hospitals and research facilities that we serve.
  • To provide excellent histology and cytology technical services as a pathologist-owned and managed Independent Laboratory.
  • To provide a positive and safe work environment for our staff members and to treat our staff members with dignity and respect.

Excellence in Healthcare

Excellence in healthcare is our priority. We are committed in providing exceptional service to healthcare providers by actively working to support and meet their needs.
We value our clients and strive to ensure their satisfaction.

Quick and Accurate Results

We provide clear and specific diagnosis and reports within 48 hours and faster for rush or critical cases. Based on the client’s preference, reports can include microscopic images.

Reliable Client Support

We provide consistent and reliable service to our clients by delivering positive customer experiences and resolving issues quickly. Staff are always available to provide assistance even during after-hours.

Easy Access to Pathologists

We provide quick and direct access to our pathologists. Our pathologists can be reached directly and are always ready to help clarify lab results or answer questions.

In-house Courier Service

We will pick up specimens based on the client’s needs, whether it be scheduled or on-demand. We have a dedicated courier staff trained on HIPAA and the safe and proper handling of specimens.

Patient-friendly Billing

We are a participating provider of Medicare, Medi-Cal and numerous other insurance providers. Patients have complete access to professional and courteous billing representatives.

Flexible Result Delivery

We provide a variety of ways for clients to access or receive lab results. We can also integrate lab results directly into client’s medical record system or build a customized solution based on the client’s needs.

Lab Data Integration Solutions

We bring expertise in information technology to clients by developing customized data integration solutions that meet their needs.
We provide clients with flexibility and convenience in ordering tests and receiving lab results.

EMR Connectivity

We can customize an interface between our lab information system and the client’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. This allows clients to conveniently create lab orders and receive results directly in their EMR for more efficient and streamlined workflow.

Data Interchange

We can deliver diagnostic reports in any standard or custom electronic file format the client may require using a variety of secure data transfer methods including FTP over SSL/TLS, FTP over SSH and HTTPS. Receive lab results faster and eliminate paper clutter.

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      San Diego Pathology is certified by CLIA and accredited by CAP.


      San Diego Pathology is licensed in the following states.

      California Health Department

      Department of Health, State of California
      Lab ID Number: CLF 00010741

      List of Participating Insurance Providers
      • Aetna Better Health of CA
      • Aetna Health
      • Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO
      • Anthem Blue Cross PPO, Indemnity, Workers Comp, Medicare PPO
      • Arizona Foundation
      • Beech Street
      • Blue Shield of California PPO, Covered California plan
      • Breast Cancer Early Detection Program (BCEDP)
      • CA Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program (BCCTP)
      • CA Health and Wellness
      • Cigna PPO
      • Community Health Group (CHG) with Authorization
      • Every Woman Counts Program (EWC)
      • Family Health Centers – PACE
      • Family Pact
      • First Health/Coventry
      • Focus Healthcare Workers’ Comp
      • Fortified Provider Network
      • Galaxy Health Network
      • Health Comp
      • Health Management Network
      • Health Net PPO, POS, HMO, Federal Services
      • HealthSmart
      • Humana ChoiceCare
      • Kaiser (with referral/authorization)
      • Medi-cal
      • Medicare
      • Mercy Physician Medical Group (MPMG)
      • Multiplan
      • Pacific Bariatric
      • Pacific Foundation for Medical Care – SISC Workers’ Comp
      • Pacific Foundation for Medical Care (PFMC)
      • Pacific Health Alliance
      • Prime Health Services
      • Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS)
      • Qualcomm Premier PPO
      • Qualcomm Premier QDHP
      • Ryan White Program
      • Scripps ACO
      • Scripps Physicians Medical Group (SPMG) (With pre-authorization)
      • Scripps Coastal Medical Center
      • Scripps Employee Medical Plan
      • St. Paul’s Eldercare
      • Three Rivers
      • Tricare
      • Tricare Prime
      • United Healthcare direct PPO, Medicare Advantage, CA Medi-cal plans
      • USA MCO

      For more information, please contact Billing Administration at (619) 325-8741 or [email protected].

      List of Special Stains
      • AFB
      • Alcian Blue
      • Alcian Blue & Hyaluronidase
      • Alcian Blue/PAS
      • Amyloid (crystal violet)
      • Basement membrane (Gomori)
      • Bielschowsky
      • Bile
      • Brown & Hopps (Bacteria)
      • Colloidal Iron without hyaluronidase
      • Colloidal Iron
      • Colloidal Iron with hyaluronidase
      • Congo Red
      • Copper
      • Diff Quik
      • Elastic
      • Fite
      • Giemsa
      • GMS
      • Iron
      • Luxol Fast Blue
      • Luxol Fast Blue-PAS
      • Melanin (Fontana-Masson)
      • Melanin-Bleach
      • Movat’s Pentachrome
      • Mucicarmine
      • Oil Red O
      • PAS (+diastase)
      • PAS (-diastase)
      • PASF
      • PTAH
      • Reticulum
      • Steiner & Steiner (Spirochetes)
      • Toluidine Blue (mast cell)
      • Trichrome
      • Victoria Blue
      • Von Kossa (calcium)
      • Wright Giemsa
      List of ISH Stains
      • EBV-EBER
      • Kappa
      • Lamba
      List of Immunohistochemistry Antibodies
      • 34BE12
      • ACTH
      • Adipophilin
      • AE1/AE3
      • AFP
      • ALK
      • Alpha-1 Antitrypsin
      • Alpha-1-Antichymotrypsin
      • Amyloid Precursor Protein
      • Androgen Receptor
      • Annexin-A1
      • Arginase
      • B72.3
      • B-catenin
      • BCL-1 (Cyclin-D1)
      • BCL-2
      • BCL-6
      • Ber-EP4
      • C4d
      • CAIX
      • Calcitonin
      • Calponin
      • Calretinin
      • CAM 5.2
      • CD1a
      • CD2
      • CD3
      • CD4
      • CD5
      • CD7
      • CD8
      • CD10
      • CD11c
      • CD14
      • CD15
      • CD19
      • CD20
      • CD21
      • CD22
      • CD23
      • CD25
      • CD30
      • CD31
      • CD33
      • CD34
      • CD42b
      • CD43
      • CD44
      • CD45
      • CD45RO
      • CD56
      • CD57
      • CD61
      • CD68
      • CD68 (KP1)
      • CD68 (PGM1)
      • CD71
      • CD79a
      • CD99
      • CD103
      • CD117
      • CD123
      • CD138
      • CD163
      • CDH17
      • CDX2
      • CEA Monoclonal
      • CEA Polyclonal
      • Chromogranin A
      • CK5
      • CK7
      • CK19
      • CK20
      • CMV
      • D2-40
      • DBA.44
      • Desmin
      • DOG1
      • EBV-LMP
      • E-Cadherin
      • EMA
      • ERG
      • Estrogen Receptor
      • Factor VIII
      • Factor XIIIa
      • Fascin
      • FSH
      • Galectin-3
      • Gastrin
      • GATA3
      • GCDFP
      • GFAP
      • GH
      • Glucagon
      • Glutamine Synthetase
      • Glycophorin A
      • Glypican-3
      • Granzyme B
      • HBcAg
      • HBME-1
      • HBsAg
      • h-Caldesmon
      • HCG
      • Helicobacter pylori
      • Hemoglobin A
      • HepPar-1
      • HHV8
      • HMB-45
      • HSV1/2
      • IgA
      • IgD
      • IgG
      • IgG4
      • IgM
      • Inhibin A
      • Insulin
      • Kappa by IHC
      • Ki-67 (MIB-1)
      • Lambda by IHC
      • Laminin
      • LH
      • Lysozyme
      • Mammaglobin
      • MART-1 (Melan-A)
      • Mast Cell Tryptase
      • MBP
      • MITF
      • MLH1
      • MOC-31
      • MPO
      • MSH2
      • MSH6
      • MUM1
      • Muscle Specific Actin
      • MYC
      • Myogenin
      • Myoglobin
      • Napsin A
      • Neurofilament
      • NKX3.1
      • NSE
      • Oct 3/4
      • OSCAR
      • p120 Catenin
      • p16
      • p40
      • P504S/AMACR
      • p53
      • p57
      • p63
      • Parathyroid Hormone
      • Parvovirus B19
      • PAX-2
      • PAX-5
      • PAX-8
      • PD-1
      • Perforin
      • PIN-4 Cocktail
      • PLAC
      • PLAP
      • PMS2
      • PRAME
      • Progesterone Receptor
      • Prolactin
      • Prostate Specific Antigen
      • Prostatic Acid Phosphatase
      • Renal Cell Carcinoma Antigen
      • S100
      • S100P
      • SALL4
      • Serotonin
      • Smooth Muscle Actin
      • Smooth Muscle Myosin Heavy Chain
      • Somatostatin
      • Sox10
      • Sox11
      • SV40/BK virus
      • Synaptophysin
      • Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphatase
      • T-bet
      • Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase
      • Thyroglobulin
      • Thyroid-stimulating Hormone
      • TIA1
      • Toxoplasma gondii
      • Treponema pallidum
      • TTF-1
      • Tyrosinase
      • Ubiquitin
      • Uroplakin II
      • Varicella Zoster
      • Villin
      • Vimentin
      • WT1
      • Zap-70

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